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Debra Ehrlich | 01/27/15

Of course, if you are in severe pain, you will need to find a dentist who can treat you immediately, otherwise expect to schedule an appointment with your regular family dentist. Glossodynia, commonly known as burning tongue or mouth, describes a feeling of pain, burning or itching of the oral mucosa.

Chau Nguyen | 01/26/15

This specialization focuses on the crowns, bridges, bite, and alignments.

Aaron Grosch | 01/25/15

When dealing with a dentist for you or a loved one, take the time to find a professional who not only has the credentials and experience, but the passion to do the job.

David Fisher | 01/23/15

Cosmetic Dentistry, the largest segment of dental care, will continue to see a huge growth in the future. In this way, a dentist prescribed a tablet or liquid that is taken orally, usually an hour before surgery.

David Gibney | 01/23/15

The specialist in oral surgery and maxillofacial surgery is fully trained in the prevention, reconstruction or emergency care for teeth, jaw, mouth and facial structures.

Carla Drake | 01/22/15

If left intact, the pockets deepen and spread the bacteria to destroy the bone that hold teeth in place. In most cases, metal fillings and crowns can be replaced by techniques that are more conservative.

Carol Hurt | 01/21/15

It is best not to drink at least 2 hours before anesthesia was attenuated to avoid damage to soft tissue.

David Gerulski | 01/20/15

Cavities, decay, abscesses and gum disease can also create bad breath. Once you learn about dental implants, you finally realize that there is a way of improving your life.

Deborah Stone | 01/19/15

Soothing nitrous oxide or intravenous injection are also available at your dentist.

Deborah Kay | 01/17/15

The procedure begins with the preparation of natural teeth, or abutments.

Elizabeth Barr | 01/15/15

If you are not lucky enough to be born with a beautiful smile and perfectly straight white teeth, there is hope for you. Ceramic veneers are shells that are extremely thin and are usually made up of dental ceramics.

Cathleen Hodges | 01/13/15

This ensures that the bridge will support the normal function of the mouth. Tooth whitening can remove the stain, which is outside of the teeth.

Eyvonne Kafouros | 01/13/15

The tooth can be called a bridge section and it would effectively bridge the three units instead.

J Jarrett | 01/13/15

Studies show that of people with gum disease, 25 percent are more likely to suffer a heart attack.

Elizabeth Ricke | 01/12/15

If you do not cancel your dental appointment in enough time for the practice to schedule another patient in your place, it is customary for some dental offices to charge you a full visit fee or a reduced appointment cancellation fee.

Anne Henderson | 01/11/15

Our temporary restorations will resemble your teeth so that you can continue your daily life without worrying about missing or incompatible tooth.

April Fraedrich | 01/11/15

Digital xrays allow the doctor to get a much better view of your teeth and potential dental problems.

Candice Wermig | 01/10/15

When the tooth is weakened, if the pulp is extracted, a tooth with root canal treatment may be subject to breakage.

Deborah Williams | 01/10/15

Dental anesthesia is used and the gum is opened and the dentist places the implant in the jawbone.

Amy Mahaffey | 01/10/15

There is a natural compound that occurs with the natural structure of bone and implant dentistry.

Hatch Family | 01/10/15

When pain occurs during the later stages of the disease, treatments at this time have little chance of success.

Diane Eggen | 01/10/15

If a problem with your wisdom teeth is detected, the dentist may recommend surgery to remove and eliminate or avoid the unpleasant symptoms.

Ann Mchane | 01/09/15

There are also certain medical conditions that change the color of the teeth. Not long ago, the concept of dental care is limited to extraction of teeth and their replacement by a prosthesis.

Darlene Alford | 01/07/15

Dental implants and wisdom tooth removal is a painful procedure that most likely requires sedation of the patient. It does not mean that people who suffer from chronic halitosis don't brush their teeth or have poor hygiene, it simply means you may have to do so more frequently.

Bill Mercer | 01/07/15

Like natural teeth, dentures should be cleaned from the plate, food particles and other debris.

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