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Elizabeth Howse | 08/01/14

The procedure begins with the preparation of natural teeth, or abutments.

Alyce Foley | 07/31/14

It is best not to drink at least 2 hours before anesthesia was attenuated to avoid damage to soft tissue.

Charlie Hardy | 07/30/14

This specialization focuses on the crowns, bridges, bite, and alignments.

Heidi Elliott | 07/29/14

In most cases, metal fillings and crowns can be replaced by techniques that are more conservative.

David Herben | 07/29/14

Like natural teeth, dentures should be cleaned from the plate, food particles and other debris.

Deborah Ross | 07/28/14

Tooth whitening can remove the stain, which is outside of the teeth.

Deborah Johnson | 07/28/14

Our temporary restorations will resemble your teeth so that you can continue your daily life without worrying about missing or incompatible tooth.

Bruce Hayman | 07/28/14

There are also certain medical conditions that change the color of the teeth.

Garie Frett | 07/28/14

Your success may be influenced by factors related to your overall health, as well as smoking.

Christen Kline | 07/27/14

Ceramic veneers are shells that are extremely thin and are usually made up of dental ceramics.

Heidi George | 07/27/14

The plan takes into account your personal needs, if you have stained teeth, crooked teeth, chipped teeth or other dental problems.

Brown Family | 07/27/14

We guarantee that your new veneers are made of porcelain, the most durable materials.

Deborah Gann | 07/26/14

Of course, if you are in severe pain, you will need to find a dentist who can treat you immediately, otherwise expect to schedule an appointment with your regular family dentist.

Irene Dematties | 07/24/14

New advances in the in dental treatments have proven to shorten the time of the lasting affects of anesthesia.

Darla Goehring | 07/22/14

In some cases, if the filling is too high, a second appointment is necessary to shave the filling to a comfortable level.

Elizabeth Gilbertson | 07/22/14

In this way, a dentist prescribed a tablet or liquid that is taken orally, usually an hour before surgery.

Carlene Horn | 07/21/14

Glossodynia, commonly known as burning tongue or mouth, describes a feeling of pain, burning or itching of the oral mucosa.

Coral Freeman | 07/21/14

Once you learn about dental implants, you finally realize that there is a way of improving your life.

Bobbi Holzworth | 07/20/14

Cosmetic Dentistry, the largest segment of dental care, will continue to see a huge growth in the future.

Chawndel Marshall | 07/18/14

The tooth can be called a bridge section and it would effectively bridge the three units instead.

Diana Harrsion | 07/17/14

If a missing tooth is not replaced, you can move adjacent teeth.

Elizabeth Hensley | 07/17/14

If you do not cancel your dental appointment in enough time for the practice to schedule another patient in your place, it is customary for some dental offices to charge you a full visit fee or a reduced appointment cancellation fee.

Irene Gustafson | 07/16/14

If left intact, the pockets deepen and spread the bacteria to destroy the bone that hold teeth in place.

Hans Helland | 07/15/14

Not long ago, the concept of dental care is limited to extraction of teeth and their replacement by a prosthesis.

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