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C Joubert | 09/28/14

Glossodynia, commonly known as burning tongue or mouth, describes a feeling of pain, burning or itching of the oral mucosa.

Greg Securo | 09/26/14

Once you learn about dental implants, you finally realize that there is a way of improving your life.

Holly Freeman | 09/25/14

Cosmetic Dentistry, the largest segment of dental care, will continue to see a huge growth in the future.

David Dillow | 09/25/14

If a problem with your wisdom teeth is detected, the dentist may recommend surgery to remove and eliminate or avoid the unpleasant symptoms.

Elizabeth Mcmillen | 09/25/14

Like natural teeth, dentures should be cleaned from the plate, food particles and other debris.

Carol Degrace | 09/25/14

The specialist in oral surgery and maxillofacial surgery is fully trained in the prevention, reconstruction or emergency care for teeth, jaw, mouth and facial structures. If a missing tooth is not replaced, you can move adjacent teeth.

David Gerulski | 09/25/14

Not long ago, the concept of dental care is limited to extraction of teeth and their replacement by a prosthesis. Of course, if you are in severe pain, you will need to find a dentist who can treat you immediately, otherwise expect to schedule an appointment with your regular family dentist.

Deborah Bilinski | 09/25/14

It is best not to drink at least 2 hours before anesthesia was attenuated to avoid damage to soft tissue.

Debra Franck | 09/23/14

Dental implants and wisdom tooth removal is a painful procedure that most likely requires sedation of the patient.

Deborah Satterfield | 09/22/14

The procedure begins with the preparation of natural teeth, or abutments.

Aura Zelada | 09/22/14

Soothing nitrous oxide or intravenous injection are also available at your dentist. When the tooth is weakened, if the pulp is extracted, a tooth with root canal treatment may be subject to breakage.

David Herben | 09/20/14

It does not mean that people who suffer from chronic halitosis don't brush their teeth or have poor hygiene, it simply means you may have to do so more frequently.

Craig Harrison | 09/18/14

The plan takes into account your personal needs, if you have stained teeth, crooked teeth, chipped teeth or other dental problems.

Elizabeth Ricketts | 09/17/14

Digital xrays allow the doctor to get a much better view of your teeth and potential dental problems.

Deborah Lelevier | 09/17/14

Ceramic veneers are shells that are extremely thin and are usually made up of dental ceramics.

Deborah Hillwig | 09/15/14

New advances in the in dental treatments have proven to shorten the time of the lasting affects of anesthesia.

Antoinette Gordon | 09/14/14

You can be comfortable knowing that your new tooth will be virtually invisible, and perfectly complement the rest of your smile.

Carol Hutchison | 09/12/14

In some cases, if the filling is too high, a second appointment is necessary to shave the filling to a comfortable level.

Diane Eggen | 09/10/14

Studies show that of people with gum disease, 25 percent are more likely to suffer a heart attack.

Hans Helland | 09/09/14

In most cases, metal fillings and crowns can be replaced by techniques that are more conservative.

Beth Sersig | 09/08/14

When pain occurs during the later stages of the disease, treatments at this time have little chance of success.

Bruce Hayman | 09/08/14

The dental routines are not painful and the patient has a faster cure with sedation dentistry.

Darcy Goddard | 09/06/14

If the baby teeth are sick or do not develop properly, the chances are greater that their permanent successor will suffer the same fate.

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