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Aaron Grosch | 07/03/15

The procedure begins with the preparation of natural teeth, or abutments.

Chris Hollingsworth | 07/01/15

Dental anesthesia is used and the gum is opened and the dentist places the implant in the jawbone. Cavities, decay, abscesses and gum disease can also create bad breath.

Alice Flint | 06/30/15

The entire gamut of physical and emotional health consideration must be taken into account when discussing oral health issues with their doctor or dentist.

Betsy Foresman | 06/29/15

The most common symptom of sensory nerve damage during dental treatment is prolonged for weeks, months or more after the accident.

Cecille Moscardon | 06/29/15

When dealing with a dentist for you or a loved one, take the time to find a professional who not only has the credentials and experience, but the passion to do the job.

James Eliff | 06/27/15

Digital xrays allow the doctor to get a much better view of your teeth and potential dental problems.

Gina Benson | 06/26/15

There is a natural compound that occurs with the natural structure of bone and implant dentistry. It does not mean that people who suffer from chronic halitosis don't brush their teeth or have poor hygiene, it simply means you may have to do so more frequently.

Amy Noe | 06/26/15

Dental implants and wisdom tooth removal is a painful procedure that most likely requires sedation of the patient.

Carol Dixon | 06/24/15

Not long ago, the concept of dental care is limited to extraction of teeth and their replacement by a prosthesis. If the baby teeth are sick or do not develop properly, the chances are greater that their permanent successor will suffer the same fate.

Chris Herring | 06/22/15

If a missing tooth is not replaced, you can move adjacent teeth.

Carol Forte | 06/22/15

Our temporary restorations will resemble your teeth so that you can continue your daily life without worrying about missing or incompatible tooth. The plan takes into account your personal needs, if you have stained teeth, crooked teeth, chipped teeth or other dental problems.

Amy Pfender | 06/22/15

A major advantage of this new technology is that it reduces the amount of radiation by 90 percent.

Abbey Hansen | 06/20/15

The specialist in oral surgery and maxillofacial surgery is fully trained in the prevention, reconstruction or emergency care for teeth, jaw, mouth and facial structures.

Alexander Grover | 06/18/15

Glossodynia, commonly known as burning tongue or mouth, describes a feeling of pain, burning or itching of the oral mucosa. Like natural teeth, dentures should be cleaned from the plate, food particles and other debris.

Dean Beyerinck | 06/16/15

Orthodontics procedures are often conducted by dental specialists and specialized dental technicians who have additional experienced and training in multiple divisions of dental care.

Donna Gary | 06/14/15

When pain occurs during the later stages of the disease, treatments at this time have little chance of success. We guarantee that your new veneers are made of porcelain, the most durable materials.

Bill Leach | 06/12/15

If you are not lucky enough to be born with a beautiful smile and perfectly straight white teeth, there is hope for you.

Erin Pfeifer | 06/12/15

If this happens, a root canal would be needed to save the tooth.

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cosmetic dentist Kew Gardens